Orpheus in the other world

Orion belt


Disinfection device

Orpheus in the other world Cristian Shape Remix

ECG Romance Disaster Remix

Dont talk me

Flowers from space


Visual distortions Adriano Canzian Remix.mp3

She's in parties Romance Disaster Remix

Krypto wahrung

live shows

Date Venue Location
Nov 07, 2018 Bologna (Italy) OFF
Nov 13, 2018 Seregno - MB (Italy) Honky Thonky
Nov 17, 2018 Pinerolo - TO (Italy) Espresso Italia
Nov 23, 2018 Locarno (Switzerland) Monobar
Nov 24, 2018 Torino (Italy) Blah Blah
Nov 25, 2018 Fidenza - PR (Italy) Taun
Dec 03, 2018 Cremona (Italy) Fico
Dec 05, 2018 Forli - FC (Italy) Diagonal
Dec 10, 2018 Milano (Italy) Gattò
Dec 29, 2018 Fermo (Italy) Crisimass Festival
April 05, 2019 Terni (Italy) Mishima
June 01, 2019 Luzern (Switzerland) Molo Bar
June 08, 2019 Pesaro (Italy) Dalla Cira - Live Club
July 27, 2019 Alpe di Mera - VC (Italy) Meraviglia Festival


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